Tuesday, December 19, 2006

hey folks,i haven't updated in a while and i wanted to give ya'll an update on why.... well, things haven't been too great in my end of the world.the infection in my throat hasn't gone away, today i went to the hospital for the 3rd time, to deal with what's going on with my throat...the infection's moved into my jaw and the swelling is so bad, i cant open my mouth more then an inch. i haven't slept or eaten properly in weeks...i get to try out a new 4th antibiotic, and tomorrow i get to go to an ENT specialist to see if i'll need to get my throat and jaw drained!! yeah!
i have 4 or 5 pages in the works, but...with that going on with my throat and the burden of x-mas shopping on top of it, it's been very difficult to find motivation to finish anything...

so, please be patient... the bean men will return very soon, and i should have a few surprises too.

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