Monday, August 14, 2006


many people who have met me... and had a conversation with me concerning the value of printing comics... can tell you that i'm known to declare things like "print is dead!" or "that it's not worth it!!" argument being usually "web-comics are the way to go!!!"

well, i'm going to print a book...mmm i'd have to say, what made me come around was all the requests i seem to get asking for a book at conventions, and all the positive things i've heard from other creators about their experiences using online print-on-demand services...well , the big question is... do the book color? or do the book with a color cover and black & white inside? the cost difference is large!! it costs way more to do it in full color.

so, i'm asking for my readers advice...for me personally, having color in my comics is not really that much of a priority...what do you think? would you pay more for the red blood? or would you prefer a better deal and can live with zip tone blood?

even if your perfectly comfortable just reading the strip on-line and have no intentions of ever buying a book, please take moment and click on which way you think the book should get printed and what cost you'd be willing to pay....for now i'm only going to go one way or the other.

would you rather buy...
a 52 page black & white comic for $2.99
a 52 page full color comic for $4.99
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after a week or so i'll make a decision based on this poll.

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