Saturday, December 02, 2006


as you can see i've updated the bean men logo (or the header, depending on which circles you like to run with)
the bean men have evolved quite a bit for a comic that's only been around for 9 months. when i first started drawing them they didn't have any toes, and now their heads are larger in proportion to their bodies then they used to be.
as much as i love the original drawing (its hanging on the wall in my living room)....the truth is, it was done hastily in my pursuit to get the strip up and goin' online.


well folks, you may have noticed the lack of updates for the last few days. the reason for this is because i'm super sick right now, some sorta viral thing in my throat. believe me it hasn't been pretty.

apparently someone has found a way to cheat votes in the bean men's behalf, for the webcomic idol competition. so, i have decided to remove the bean men from the running. i have no interest in gaining a reputation as a cheater....nor do i have any interest in scolding one of my readers for doing it...i'm very flattered someone would take the time to go all out for my strip. but, cheating's just not my style.

so, i'd like to thank the guys over at bombshelter for the opportunity, and good luck to the rest of the finalists!

the Bean Men © 2006 TENHOFF
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