Friday, October 13, 2006

news bits

hello bean men readers.... i wanted to share some small news bits on the bean men with you.

you may have noticed the ads on the top and right of this. i realize that they are a bit tacky and just sorta there in the way of things looking nice... but they are a way for me to make a few pennies, so if your feeling up to it, an easy way to support the site is to click on the ads.

the bean men have a strip appearing in october's issue of Zoinks! magazine. the issue can be ordered from their website or picked up at any of the major comics shops in canada.

a profile i wrote about the bean men has been put up on the comicon/pulse's the same info that's on the bean men's myspace, but if you haven't read it, yet it does share some insight on how i approach the strip.

here's a great little bean men drawing that Mike Jensen of lonely fetus comics drew, that iv'e neglected to put up here for far too long. take a look at his webcomic!

and finally here's a bean men drawing by my pal DANK! featuring his character atlantis lad, he made while sitting next to me at fall-con...i should mention ive done a bit of embelishing on it.

the Bean Men © 2006 TENHOFF
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