Saturday, July 29, 2006

well folks,i'm taking a vacation...starting next tuesday aug.1st, for a week and a half, i wont be making any bean pages...but just because i wont be around, doesn't mean the bean men wont still be raging onward!!!...iv'e managed to assemble a team of the best folks in the biz to make guest bean men pages!!!...each artist is fantastic, and brings thier own unique style to the bean men! it's been a real kick for me to see these guy's interpretations of the bean men. i'm SO happy with the pages iv'e gotten from these folks, i know you'll all love em!

i did a guest soapy the chicken page that i wanted to share with you folks

soapy was created by my pal steven stwalley, you can check out the further advetures of soapy by going to

Aug.3rd-6th i'll be at booth 3224B, in the artist alley.

the Bean Men © 2006 TENHOFF
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