Saturday, September 23, 2006



stickboybob said...

wow, amazing, hilarious!
wait? what the fuck am i saying?
you havent even posted the comic yet.

10:18 PM  
Bo-Jesus said...

Oh dear god, thank you for posting an actual strip, and not some damn cards of "projects" for another site.

5:57 AM  
NETGOO said...

Dude you a bean genius, things like this are just incredible. Thanks.

8:39 AM  
slash said...

wow...this is an awesome strip...fukin great

11:16 AM  
Fabricari said...

Oh god, that was brutal! And beautiful at the same time. I think I'm past asking where the hell you come up with all those ideas - I don't wanna jinx it.

6:58 PM  
Mister Sam said...

Wow. Splendid work !
My favourite so far. Original and mean, how fun.
Especially the tenth drawing. awesome

5:50 PM  
Lucius Beebe said...


10:00 AM  
Roswell Newton said...

This is friggin' BRILLIANT. Thank the gods I found your site... great work (and TWISTED to boot).

11:16 PM  

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