Monday, September 18, 2006



Mister Sam said...

nice blocky guys, but I dont get the lst frame. Whats happening ?

7:11 AM  
slash said...

i agree wit sammy, theres jus a lil ball, kinda looks like ur tryin ta make as if sumtin weird hapend wit there universe/world/thing.

12:38 PM  
Bo-Jesus said...

Meybe if i dont use rite english, i can b lyke da kewl kids 2

1:37 PM  
Nonvox said...

horay 4 mispleling and shity gramer. aight. shit yo.

I like this one. Cyborg-beanmen would be awesome. No, they ARE awesome.

3:03 PM  

panel 1 is only meant to establish that theres two of them there

12:10 AM  

keep in mind that the bean men rarly ever mean anything....its all made up of my randon thoughts and what not

12:11 AM  
Mister Sam said...

well at least we know they do seem to hate each other :-)

8:10 PM  

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