Monday, January 08, 2007


well, there you have it folks... i'm gonna start on an animated short featuring the bean men... i have had a desire to make one for a long while now, since before last summer. originally the plan was to announce this on April 1st. 2007, as sort of a (not a joke) aprils fools joke, but i've gotten to the point now where i just wanna start working on it, and the joke wouldn't be funny to me anymore. there is a sorta vague plan for it... very action-ish with sound effects set to music , but nothings set in stone... i'm just gonna start making it and see where it goes.
even tho i wont be updating the site with comics for the next year or more, there should still be plenty to look at... i'm going to update the site with pencil tests and production art as i go.

i wanted to take a moment to say thanks to mister sam, for pointing out one of the imposter bean men comics to me! if any of you come across any more imposter beans, send us a link!

the guys at bomb shelter comics have featured a review of the bean men in their podcast.

oh and speaking of merchandise, the chalk bean men heads are now sold out. i sold the last one this last weekend. and out of the 85 or so resin heads i made, i'm down to my last 10 heads. so, if you wanted one, the time is now to get one. cus' once there gone, that's it. i'm not making any more of the old ones.


Anonymous said...

Well I'm stoked

12:20 AM  
Anonymous said...

Feckin' Epic.

5:49 AM  
Nick said...

It's so awesome, I've gone beyond shitting in my pants, I've just shit out a pair of pants with the words "Super Rad" printed on the leg.

7:28 AM  
slash said...

both excited for the movie and sad for the death of bean men the webcomic

3:04 PM  
Fabricari said...

Having seen your Plympton-esque animation test, I'm nothing short of stoked about this. Looking forward to Beanimation!

11:05 AM  

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