Monday, November 13, 2006


the folks at BOMB SHELTER COMICS are having the first ever WEBCOMICS IDOL!!! competition...THE BEAN MEN has made the cut into the top ten, but are in grave danger of not making it to the next round... for this first round of voting, they're having folks decide who will NOT be moving on to the next round. as i write this the bean men is currently in the lead to get voted out of the competition.

SUPPORT THE BEAN MEN!!!! helping us stay in the competition! i wont tell you who to pick to get the boot....your supposed to choose the comic you feel least deserves to be the FIRST WEBCOMICS IDOL!!!!... there are links to all the finalist's comics on the voting page.



Jerry said...

You're the first person I've seen that actually up the the "Click here to NOT vote for me" link like I was hoping.

*sniffle* It's just so beautiful

5:13 AM  
Anonymous said...

A jihad to "On the Edge" comics. Beanmen for life.

Great entry, by the way. That last frame just spells out PAIN.

Good luck, Mr. Sean.

6:17 AM  
dank said...

I think people are out ta get you, sean.
I was vote # 114 and you were LOSING big time.
Either that or voters are stupid and voting for you cause they don't get their NOT supposed to vote for you. voters could be stupid.

6:40 AM  
dangerOp said...

oh i enjoyed this one. it grates my teeth when people laugh like hyenas. makes me want to cleave their head in half with a baseball bat.

p.s. you need a few more frames at the end of the exploding head animation so we can see the neck stump... just my 2¢

12:09 PM  
SEAN TENHOFF said...'s still too early to declare a movement against the bean men one day out of the gate...the polls have only been open since mid-monday, so it's not unreasonable to also think this initial wave of votes could consists of a lot of finalist's friends and families trying to eliminate the biggest threat against of the open voting only just hit the webcomics news sites today so the numbers may change over the course of the week till the polls close on sunday.

yup i agree with ya on the animation dangerop

5:09 PM  
dank! said...

have you posted anything on myspace about this?

6:40 AM  
Lucius Beebe said...

I've been cheating. I've been using proxies and computers all over town to vote up others so the Beanmen don't lose. I won't allow it.

3:01 PM  
Anonymous said...

You're a saint, lucious beebe.
So far, it's really close between Beanmen and One-Liners.

Death to One-Liners!

5:53 AM  

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