Saturday, April 22, 2006



Nick said...

Are these pictures (or at least some of them) done in flash by any chance? Don't get me wrong I do like them even the bloody disgusting ones those are actually some of the best when it comes to detail.

7:08 AM  

all the penciling & inking are done on paper... for the most part the blood is colored with photoshop, tho some have been done with acrylic water's easy to tell which ones, cus' the blood looks like real blood...instead of monotone red.
i'm not a huge fan of digital inking... or too much computer manipulation in comics, it can look great, when done well...but i dont have the means (or the processing power) to pull it off... and keep up my schedule.
i have the program flash, but i dont know how to use it some point i'll sit down and figure it i can put together bean men cartoon shorts.

2:05 PM  
nick said...

I just wish I had a working scanner. I've got some great hand-drawn drawings but all I can manage now is to draw in flash but once I learn how to animate well enough I'll be sure to have fun with that. My only real problem is that I'm good with detail (oh so modest, indeed) but I don't usually take my time but from where I'm standing you seem to really put alot into this work. Hope I get good enough some day to do all that Photo Shop Shinit.

3:11 PM  

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